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Hi, I'm Prash and welcome to my porfolio website! I am a distinction holder in a Masters in Finance who has had experience working in London’s financial sector. I have very strong quantitative skills and a have always had a very analytical way of approaching problems, a set of skills, which align seamlessly with my new career direction as a software engineer.

I love working with the Frontend languages and Frameworks, as it's very user-centeric and affords me the chance to really delve into my creative side, which I love utilising. Please have a look at my portfolio of projects, and do not hestitate to get in touch through me through my various form of contact shown below:


Here are examples of some of my projects:
Personal React.js Project

My Must Do List

This is a basic To-do-list app built on React. I used it as an oppurtunity to brush up on the various principles of React.js such as state, one-way binding and also writing JSX etc. It was built by using the create-react-app bootstrap and deployed on Github pages.

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GA Project 4


In our final project, as a duo we had a week to build a full-stack application. We created GymPro, where users can create their own exercises plans, track their personal best on each exercise, and learn more about the exercises available on the app. The application’s backend was built using Django and Python, while the frontend was built using React. I focussed heavily on the functionality of users adding exercise cards to each programme, and also designed the personal best tracker that updates every time a user inputs a new personal best for a specific exercise.

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GA Project 3

Lost the Plot

As a group of four, we had a week to build a full-stack application. With the growing sustainable food movement in the UK, especially within London, we built an application called “Lost the Plot”. The app allows users to create and share sustainable growth plots with each other and learn more about the types of vegetables they can grow around London. We did this by using an Express API to serve data from a MongoDB database, and combining our back-end infrastructure with the front-end framework React. I heavily focused on creating a dynamic show page that displayed the details of each plot, the Plants Index infographic and the Plants database model in the backend.

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GA Project 2

ListenNotes API

This 2 day hackathon involved building a front-end only application using React, and sourcing our data from external API’s. We decided to build a podcast app sourcing our data from an API called listen notes, allowing users to search for all their favourite podcasts and discover the trending podcasts that week. I focused on building the show page when a user clicks on a specific podcast, and “Discovery” page where a user can listen to a random podcast at a click.

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GA Project 1


In my initial week-long project at GA, I chose to build the classic arcade game Snake, putting a Harry Potter-based twist on the game. The game was built using HTML, CSS, JS and DOM manipulation. In order to challenge ourselves, unlike other most approaches to web games, we were told to avoid the HTML Canvas approach, and instead I opted to my refine skills in vanilla JS and DOM manipulation to build the game grid, layout, logic and the dynamic movement of the Snake.

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My Timeline

See my past work experience and academic achievements
  • Software Engineering Immersive at General Assembly London

    I achieved a place on one of the most highly esteemed Software Engineering Bootcamp programmes in Europe, which covered industry relevant languages and frameworks, as well as backend testing frameworks. During the course I produced four projects, with two being full stack applications, which are all outlined in the Projects section above.

  • Junior Business Consultant at IA Business Coaching & Finance

    I worked alongside the CEO on various important projects, including helping prepare the pitch deck for a FinTech startup, valued at £20 million. Alongside this I gained experience working with accounting software (Xero) and financial modelling on Microsoft Excel.

  • Junior FX Broker at Finotec Trading UK

    I was a Junior Forex Broker who was in charge of catering to the firm's existing and prospective clients in the European and Asian Markets.

  • MSc Finance & Investment at The University of Nottingham

    I achieved a distinction in the highly esteemed MSc Finance & Investment programme, placing special emphasis on the study of derivatives in my dissertation. I played third's Lacrosse for university and was also a Retail Sector Equity Analyst for the NEFS's 2017 Equity Fund that managed over £13,000 in assets.

  • BSc Economics at The University of Sheffield

    In my second year, I played Intra-mural football representing my Economics Society, and I also participated in the UoS's Investment Society's 2012/2013 Intra-University Trading competition. Forming trading teams from Sheffield, we competed in a virtual stock market trading simulation with investment societies from universities such as Leeds and York.